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I needed advice on the Swiss tax system and as an American green card holder, I am also required to file and pay taxes in the U.S. I found myCPA’s services very professional and they completely removed the headache of navigating the complex tax system not only in the U.S. but in Switzerland as well, and for very reasonable rates. Overall, I had a very good experience using myCPA and would recommend their services to others.

T. L. | American green card holder living in Switzerland

After I localized from my international assignment to Switzerland, my company no longer paid for accounting services. Filing my US and Swiss tax returns was a nightmare for me as I could never be sure if I filed my tax returns correctly or thought of all the possible deductions. myCPA helped me to understand my tax circumstance, the filing requirements and prepared my tax returns with minimal effort from my side. They we able to explain complex tax matters in simple terms, which were easy to understand and relevant to my situation.

M. F. | American citizen living in Switzerland

Dank myCPA habe ich mit meiner amerikanischen Steuererklärung so gut wie nichts zu tun. Er ist freundlich und kompetent, arbeitet sehr schnell und zuverlässig. Seine Vorgehensweise ist klar und für den Kunden leicht nachvollziehbar. Für mich bedeutet seine Arbeit eine erhebliche Zeit- und Aufwandsersparnis. Alles in Allem ein Top Service, sehr zu empfehlen!


N. R. | Swiss/American dual citizen living in Switzerland

Life is good – as long you do not get in trouble with the IRS or the Steueramt. After our wedding, we had to file our first common tax declaration in 2015. We felt overwhelmed and were looking for somebody who feels at home both in the Swiss and the US tax jungle. We asked around and got a recommendation for myCPA. It was a lucky encounter. myCPA handled everything within short time and for a reasonable price. Thus, life continued to be good.

F.R. and C.L. | American/Swissdual citizens living in Switzerland

I was in desperate need for both accounting services and advice on my US tax situation and surfed the internet sending out inquiries. myCPA was very prompt and professional in getting back to me, offering an exploratory call, and demonstrating very competent knowledge about US taxation. He supported me in all filing matters, including new regulations introduced by FATCA, delivering quickly and efficiently, and allowing me to smoothly fulfill all my obligations. I was very happy with his quality of the service and his responsiveness to all my questions.

G. B. | American/Italian dual citizen living in Switzerland

I am an American and a student living and studying in Switzerland. After several failed attempts to find a CPA in Switzerland most being unresponsive and the other astronomically expensive, I was blessed to have found myCPA. With a very professional atmosphere and timely actions (not to mention the generous price!).myCPA was able to save me from my nightmare. I recommend myCPA. Thanks again myCPA. A+ and a Gold Star in my book.

S. D. | American citizen living in Switzerland

As an American citizen living in Switzerland I have to file both US and Swiss taxes. It is very convenient working with myCPA, as theyare able to do both at the same time. myCPA is very professional, efficient, and responsive. I have been very happy with his services, and to recommend him to my colleagues.

L. S. | American citizen living in Switzerland

What can I say?!  myCPA took off my shoulders all the misery involved in US income tax preparation, and he did my Swiss taxes too.  His price was fair and the service was efficient and excellent.  Every year I dread the thought of preparing the over-burdensome and over-complicated US tax forms, and after ten years living in Switzerland this feeling has only worsened!  Until the US becomes more enlightened about taxing expats (probably never), the best way for me is to let a professional do them. myCPA has staff with solid academic credentials, which helps me feel confident about the tax return, and that I am compliant with the US IRS. Definitely returning to his company next tax season.

M. N. | American citizen living in Switzerland